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Hello there!

We're Lauren and Johnny!

Hey ya'll! One day we will get a professional picture taken but for now, here we are....just casual old us. I'm Lauren and he's Johnny. Giving people a memorable experience is what makes up our hearts and souls; we absolutely love sharing our little speciality with you. 

Johnny and I met in high school and dated for a few years. We went different ways and reconnected 20 years later. Now we have a big blended family and run Ineffable Events together here at Ineffable Ca Phe.

Prior to that, I was running events at our original location over in Point Breeze which opened in 2014.  Moving locations was a very hard decision. Everyone associates the name "PointBreezeway" with the original space....we do, too! But...we kept the name for now. 

Think of us more like an event company vs a brick and mortar. Our love and dedication to events is what makes PointBreezeway special.....and that we can take anywhere.

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